The TCX-21 Features:
Perpetual Calendar
  • Automatically advances year, month and date
  • Eliminates need to reset your clock
  • No more messy typewheels
Daylight Saving Time Adjustment
  • Automatically adjusts time
  • Eliminates need to reset your clock
Built in Battery Backup
  • Maintains clock and program during power failure
Easy Setup Fast, one-touch setup for seven right-hand print styles:
  • Day, 24H, 100th
  • Day, AM/PM, 60th
  • Month, Date, 24H, 100th
  • Month, Date, AM/PM, 60th
  • 2-digit Year, Month, Date, AM/PM, 60th
  • 4-digit Year, Month, Date, AM/PM, 60th
  • 4-digit Year, Month, Date, 24H, 60th
* (Many imprint combinations available, including alphanumeric imprints)

PIX-3000 Standard Features:
  • Full power reserve keeps clock fully operational for 72 hours or 400 punches
  • Automatically adjusts for DST, new year, leap year and short months
  • Consecutive numbering
  • Prints multiple copies of the same number at specified increments
  • Selectable for manual or automatic printing
  • Easy-to-replace ribbon cartridge
  • Quartz clock accuracy
  • Selectable imprint format: year, month, day, date, hour, minutes seconds, 3-digit #, 6-digit # (various combinations available)
Additional Features:
  • Selectable imprint order
  • Selectable alphanumeric imprint
  • Signal output (20 max.)
  • Selectable character size (approx. 20 per line or 14 per line)
  • Master/slave clock synchronization

The CP-3000 Electronic Time Recorder is designed as a fully automatic time recorder which eliminates over-printing though the previous mark, and time and date are consecutively printed vertically up the time card, making overprinting impossible.

The unit offers an automatic perpetual calendar, is Y2K compliant and includes an automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment.

The system uses high-speed dot matrix printing with programmable formats, and comes equipped with a full power battery backup for full operation during AC power failures.

Also provided is an adjustable card pocket for printing on most popular time cards. The unit is a fully functional electronic time recorder and offers up to 80 weekly program steps that you can use to activate specific features on the unit.

The EX-9000 Series Electronic Payroll Recorder is the semi-automatic or fully automatic electronic payroll recorder with an adjustable card pocket that works with your existing time cards.

With its attractive styling and ability to accommodate various types of pay periods, this payroll recorder is the perfect fit for many types of businesses. Since several models are available, you will be able to select the one best suited to your needs.
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